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Communist Party of India (Marxist) Election Manifesto 2009

According to manifesto foe General Election 2009, the CPI(M) sets out the alternative path for the country. This platform is based on the following major components:

(i) defence of secularism and national unity;

(ii) for a democratic  transformation of agrarian relations and land reforms;

(iii) for a self-reliant economic system and path of development which will develop the productive forces, maximize employment and reduce economic and social disparities;

(iv) for a democratic and federal political system with necessary Constitutional changes;

(v) defence of the rights of the working people, their livelihoods and social security;

(vi) social justice, end to caste discrimination and protection of rights of women, dalits, minorities and tribal people;

(vii) for an anti-imperialist, independent foreign policy.

According to CPI(M) manifesto, it is necessary that both the Congress and the BJP are defeated by the people in the forthcoming elections. The country requires alternative policies i.e. Pro-people economic policies; provision of social equity; consistent secularism; genuine federalism; and an independent foreign policy. The CPI(M) appeals to all democratic and secular forces to support such alternative policies. For this, an alternative political platform is required. The CPI(M) will work for the creation of a non-Congress, non-BJP government which will strengthen democracy, ensure equitable economic development and social justice.


Click Here to Download the CPI(M) Election 2009 Manifesto







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