Vote Count Today: Who will win?

Today is the counting of polls held on May 5. Counting of votes is to begin at 8 AM.

Today’s results  will decide the fate of current BJP government. By afternoon we will know the makeup of the assembly that whether it will be a coalition, BJP or Congress Government.

Exit poll surveys conducted by various media channels point to the possibility of Congress ousting BJP and getting either clear majority or becoming single largest party in the house. The predictions give Congress between 100-130 seats. Whereas, BJP and JD(S) are far behind.

The Congress is upbeat for gaining a clear majority whereas BJP is hopeful to perform much better than what was predicted by some of the opinion poll predictions  earlier this year. The JD(S), KJP and BSR Congress are expected to play a key role in outcome of the mandate.

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If we end up getting a hung assembly, then we are going to see frantic activity and interesting maths in the coming days.

Current Karnataka  elections are one of the most keenly contested elections in the history of Karnataka. The reason being it is considered as a test ground between arch-rivals BJP and Congress and a preliminary for the next Lok Sabaha Elections. Though the presence of JD(S), KJP, BSR congress and some other regional forces can not be ignored.

Corruption has been one of the main issue and all the parties have left no stone unturned. All major parties in their manifestos have made number of promises that range from distributing rice at Rs 1 to large scale development initiatives. The campaign this time has seen most of the major political bigwigs addressing public rallies to woo voter. Movie stars have also participated in the campaign to attract voters. It is to be seen whether Modi charisma or Rahul’s Charm works or not.

The BJP has been ruling the state for the past five years. Karnataka was the first southern state ruled by BJP, which had till then been dismissed as merely a northern India phenomenon.

The story of the Congress on the national stage and the story of the BJP in Karnataka are strikingly similar. Both the parties have faltered; the Congress at a national level and the BJP in Karnataka. The leadership of the two rival parties has been accused of corruption, scams,  favoritism and non-governance.

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