Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2013: Predict who Will win?

With Rajasthan Assembly term is expiring in Dec 2013 and elections are to take place during the last quarter of 2013. Political parties are gearing up for the preparations of the elections.

There are mainly two political parties who have dominated the preceding elections i.e. Congress and BJP. This time elections are keenly watched as it may reflect the outcome the general elections 2014 from the state.

Who will win the Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2013?

  • BJP (80%, 1,374 Votes)
  • Congress (17%, 296 Votes)
  • CPM (2%, 33 Votes)
  • BSP (1%, 12 Votes)
  • Others (0%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,725

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In the current Rajasthan state assembly party tally is given below:

State Assembly Elections 2008

INC 200 96
BJP 193 78
BSP 199 6
CPM 34 3
IND 1023 14
others 545 3
TOTAL 2194 200

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28 comments on “Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2013: Predict who Will win?
  1. kartik says:

    No place for Congress in India now..May be congress can win few seats in Bangladesh and Pakistan and italy….No left no right only BJP and MODI ji …

  2. kartik says:

    With congress policies ,I think Congress will have to leave india and contest polls in Pakistan and Bangladesh. lol..No left no right only BJP and MODIG will be next PM….

  3. Pulse says:

    its not clear that who will win but BJP should win because anti incumbency should always be there in elections to control corruption.

    Moreover people should come out from cast politics because AAM AADMI is suffering whether he belongs to reservation community or non reservation community. We all are facing rapist, terrorism, mismanaged traffic, poor quality of education, long long & long queues in each and every important public places or departments.

    When any of the above Problem come it do not consider caste of a man, better we all Indians should unite and plan to eradicate anti social politicians who never think about justice.

    We all are Indians, this the only DHARMA and CASTE of ours. We feel very bad when citizens of other countries comment on our Nation. I hope that time caste doesn’t matter only India matters.

    Please n Please I would like to request future of India our Youth … b unite and love your country, sacrifice your personal interests.





  6. Dr Lal Thadani says:

    BJP and Congress has neck to neck tie up ……. Congress has upper hand owing to Gehlots package programmes for all esp. poors

  7. soma sekhar pannala says:

    only bjp,i think bjp will win 130-140 seats.

  8. Abhishek Saha says:

    No BJP No cong.. both has been tested.. Need alternative..

    Neta nehii.. Niti chahiee.. Which can only be delivered by leftist.. We need left parties with their other allies like JDU, SP, JDS…

  9. Ashrafi says:

    I think Congress will win again in Rajasthan

  10. vishnu says:

    BJP for sure…

  11. ankur says:

    BJP will win ..

  12. satish says:

    bjp will win more than 3/4 majority.

  13. Rajesh Meena says:

    No BJP NO Congress
    Only Dr. Kirodi Lal Meena
    Next CM of Rajasthan

  14. jithesh says:

    its time to thing bjp want to win

  15. Rajesh Meena says:

    No BJP No Congress
    Only Dr. Kirodi Lal Meena will be
    CM of Rajasthan

  16. venkatesh says:

    Bjp sure win

  17. S Ghosh says:

    BJP will win Rajasthan Elections & Congress will be Routed in Rajasthan, Delhi , MP & Chattisgargh.

  18. vijay says:

    Left parties should win

  19. Rahul says:

    BJP will win all the assembly elections in 2013,except DELHI

  20. Krishnan says:

    BJP WILL SWEEP BOTH IN 2013 & 2014

  21. vedant shah says:

    No never Win BJP ni Rajasthan
    INC (congress)= 105
    BJP (Bhartiya Jhghdalu party) = 70
    Others = 25

    this is the Official not BJP Chamchas Predict bcz Bjp now social meadia so not belive any chila chalu Bjp man predict.

  22. mukesh says:

    BJP will win.

  23. devendra bhamu says:

    I am waiting for will win (B J P)the rajasthan ass. Elections

  24. devendra bhamu says:

    I am for will win B J P

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