Delhi Assembly Elections 2013: Predict who will win?

With Delhi Assembly term is expiring on 18th dec. 2013 and elections are to take place during the last quarter of 2013.  Political parties are gearing up for the preparations of the elections.

There are mainly two political parties who have dominated the preceding elections i.e. Congress and BJP. With the emergance of Aam Admi Party lead by social activist turned politician, this time elections are keenly watched as this may determine the future of the AAP party.

Who Will Win Delhi Assembly elections 2013?

  • AAP (61%, 2,482 Votes)
  • BJP (31%, 1,289 Votes)
  • Congress (8%, 312 Votes)
  • Others (0%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,097

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In the current Delhi assembly tally is given below:

Delhi Assembly Elections 2008

INC 70 43
BJP 69 23
BSP 70 2
LJSP 41 1
IND 357 1
OTHERS** 268 0
TOTAL 875 70
* Percentage of votes for the AC**Others consist of Independents and all other parties who contested in the elections


This is the place where you may express your opinion, comment on the current political scenario or cast your vote in the opinion poll.


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78 comments on “Delhi Assembly Elections 2013: Predict who will win?
  1. hemen parekh says:

    A Tale of Two Countries


     Bo Xilai was a member of Central Politburo of the Chinese Government ( equal to a Central Cabinet Minister in India )

     He was arrested a year back and tried for corruption / taking bribes / misusing official position. Not granted bail ( unheard of in China )

     Trial lasted 5 days – at the end of which , he was convicted , and punished for 20 years of con-current prison terms

     He can appeal but in China , there is no precedence of a higher court setting aside , an order of a lower court !


     Of our 4500 MPs / MLAs , approx 1500 ( 30 % ) , have criminal cases pending against them

     Of these , some 600 have , “ Serious Criminal Cases “ ( murder / rape etc ) pending against them

     A few hundred are already “ Convicted “ and have appealed in higher courts

     All are out on bail and attending Lok Sabha / State Legislatures

     Our Supreme Court considered this ( freedom ) as “ Unconstitutional / Illegal “ and passed an order that MPs / MLAs , who have received punishments of 2 years or more , cannot be granted bail ( even if they have appealed ) and must stay in jail. Neither can they vote , nor contest an election

     Central Government filed a “ Review Petition “ in Supreme Court , which refused to change its earlier ruling

     So , as expected , Central Government decided to bring out an Ordinance to nullify Supreme Court verdict !

    What Next ?

     Within 2 months , Ordinance must be converted into a proper law , by passing it in Lok Sabha

     Since ALL parties have “ Criminal “ MPs / MLAs , you bet , the law will be passed unanimously !

    Voters of India

    The only political party which is not a party to this heinous conspiracy against Democracy and therefore against the People of India , is the Aam Admi Party ( not having a single MP / MLA so far ? )

    Let us vote it to power . That is the only way to test their promise of a corruption-free government

    May be we can still stop this rape of our Motherland !

    • hemen parekh ( 25 Sept 2013 )

  2. surajdhawan says:

    Aap aap aap aur sirf aap,kyoki ab desh ko badelna hai, abi nahi to kabi nahi.And i hope aap will also introduce itself to rest of country.

  3. naresh kumar says:

    congrass our bjp ek hi thali ke chata bate hai dono mill jul kar khathe hai is liya ab aap kud soche aou vote kare ke aap ka bhala kone kar sakatha hai jis thara congress ne sari commodites ko market ke hawale kar diya hai aou ab hamari economi videshi punji ki mohataj ho gai hai des ke sabse bade economist mr. pm manmohan singh ji ko bhi saj nahi aa raha kya karuab apke pass 3 optionhai aam adami party ya congress bjp but i suport aap only

  4. shahab haider says:

    dosto mai delhi ka to nahi hu lekin ek baat aap logo se kahna chahta hu ki hum sab log sari party ko dekh chuke hai aur sab ne sir dhokhe ke siwa kuch nahi diya is baar hum sab milke aam aadmi party vote kare aur aam aadmi ko ek mauka de desha chalane ka aur agar desh ka koi bhala kar sakta hai to vo sirf aam admi party he hai….. so plz vote for aam aadmi party……..

    • sumit says:

      If we wouldn’t have gave any chance to Dhoni to lead team India then may be we wouldn’t have won three cups and number 1 ranking test cricket.

      If you don’t give any chance to AAP how would you know, that how well they are going to do in Delhi or any where else for that matter.

      Its just giving a chance , the chance which may change our perception about politician of our country.(as of now all of us think that they are just filthy people robbing us since 1947)

      If they don’t do well, you always have congress,bjp,sp,bsp,left for your life to vote them , i am not stoping you.

      This is a chance for us to be a part of a change,
      a change that have a potential to become a tale for our kids 10 20 years from now,
      you would feel proud for being a part of it and say ‘yes! i stand for this change and my country is blessed to have people like me’.

  5. Yogi says:

    Many peoples doubt on AAP credibility.. But How anyone can judge AAP without any proof. Do we people have choice , Are you trust on Congress , BJP ,BSP or SP.. if NO.. the we should give one opportunity to AAP.. Let see how they woork..

  6. Piyush says:

    I dnt think so dat aap z a relevant option as dey have used anna hzare for der persnl benifit so are der ny gurentee dat dey vl nt use us.. Bjp vl win dey have xperince n dey can better handle.

  7. sanchit says:

    what is the guarantee that aap will not indulge in corruption..?and if they win the election(which is a hard nut to crack) will they abdicate the govt..?

    • Pradeep says:

      Right now Currupt people are ruling let us give AAP a Chance and find what u get , Any how you are not going to loose as COngress and BJP are Biggest corrupt people

    • aani says:

      What is the gaurantee that you will live tomorrow?

  8. varun says:

    As AAP is our party so we have to convince more people to vote for AAP so please bring more people with AAP.”abhi nahi to kabhi nahi” last chance hai … your bit…

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