Opinions and Issues about Hebbal Assembly Constituency Elections 2013

This is the place for interaction among users, and MLA regarding the Hebbal assembly constituency. User comments, reactions and opinions on the candidates and issues pertaining to the Hebbal assembly election results 2013 are provided here.

You can post your comments, reactions and opinions about the election results Hebbal assembly constituency.


State Karnataka
Assembly Constituency Name Hebbal
District B.B.M.P(NORTH)
Date of election 5th May 2013
Result declared 8th May 2013
Winner this election (MLA) R. JAGADEESH KUMAR
Party BJP


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3 comments on “Opinions and Issues about Hebbal Assembly Constituency Elections 2013
  1. Sachin says:

    @N Dayananda

    Sridhar Pabisetty from Loksatta Party is the only candidate in this list which you should consider for casting your vote to.

  2. N Dayananda says:

    Why i should Vote, where all are Corrupted.. can anybody in this list prove that you people are not corrupted

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