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Exit Poll Results : Karnataka Assembly Election 2013

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Constituency-wise Results Karnataka State Assembly Elections 2013
Partywise Tally: Results Karnataka State Assembly Elections 2013
Ac-Wise Nominations/Candidates List Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013
Exit Poll/Opinion Poll Results Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013

Exit poll survey predictions/results were presented by various TV channels after the completion of the polling in Karnataka. Projections of exit polls suggests that Congress will be the either the single larget party or a clear winner as the predictions give Congress between 100-117 seats. Whereas, BJP and JD(S) are far behind.

Below is the summary reprot of various exit/opinion poll surveys.

Exit poll results by CNN-IBN, Times Now, ABP News, Headlines Today, Suvarna, TV9 Survey: 5th May 2013

A pre-poll survey was published on 25th April which was carried by CSDS for CNN-IBN and The Week, predicted a clear majority for the congress. Today, the channel has revised its predictions based on the choice of candidates made by political parties, campaign process and other factors that may have influenced the voters.

The voting for the state assembly completed today at 6 PM and recoreded to be 65%. Counting of votes is scheduledto begin at 8AM on 8th May.

The revised estimates published by the channem suggest that the Congress party's seat tally is likely to come down to 100-116. The BJP and JD(S) are in a neck and neck battle for the second spot with both likely to get 43-53 seats. The revised estimates show that others including KJP will bag 16-24 seats.

The five reasons which CSDS and CNN-IBN considered in revising the projection are:

1. Choice of candidates by Congress and other political parties.

2. Infighting and campaign.

3. Consolidation of Vokkaliga vote behind the JDS in Southern Karnataka and Bangalore rural.

4. Split in Lingayat vote between BJP and KJP in Northern Karnataka, resulting jn a advantage for the Congress.

5. Anti-incumbency against the BJP

(source CNN-IBN)

Some of the TV channels gave the following projection:

Times Now predicted a absolute majority for Congress winning 132 seats, with BJP and JD(S) coming a distant second with 38 seats each. While others were projected to get 15 seats, including KJP and Independents.

Headlines Today Congress - 114, BJP- 55, JD(S)-34, KJP-11 and others 9.

ABP news Congress-110 to 118, BJP- 51 to 59, JD(S)- 31 to 37, and KJP-9 to 13.

Suvarna-C-Fore: Congress: 109-120 BJP: 49-60 JDS: 34-41 KJP: 05-12 Others: 10-15

TV9-C-Voter: Cong: 110-118 BJP: 51-59 JDS: 31-37 KJP: 9-13 Others: 7-11

Public TV: Congress: 119 BJP: 39-49 JDS: 34-44 KJP+others: 14.



Corruption main issue this elections: TOI-Daksh survey

28th April 2013> According to survey carried out by TOI-Daksh popular choice for the top post in Karnataka corruption is the main issue this election. The six top issues on the citizen’s mind in order of priority are: corruption, inflation, Lokayukta, education, stability and security.

Even the survey carried by us on our website, the netizen’s view is that he main issue this election is the corruption while stability of the government came second.

The TOI-Daksh suvery also asked the repsondent about he popular choice for the top post (CM) in Karantaka,  Kumaraswamy  was the popular choice with 24% of respondent giving their nod for him. KJP president B S Yeddyurappa came close second with 22% votes. Present CM Jagadish Shettar got 15% votes. Sadananda Gowda 10%, Siddaramaiah, 9%, SM Krishna 8% votes and G Parameshwara 6%.


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Karnataka Elections 2013 : Poll Survey by CSDS for CNN-IBN channel and the Week magazine

25th April 2013, Results of a pre-poll survey carried by CSDS for CNN-IBN channel and the Week magazine points a clear edge for Congress over the ruling BJP. The survey was carried out in 294 locations of 75 constituencies spread across Karnataka and a total of 4,198 people were interviewed

The survey results suggest that Congress (37 per cent vote share) is expected to attain majority at its own and projected to get between 117-129 seats against just 39-49 for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with 23 per cent of vote share.

Congress is expected to gain by 2% from its vote share in 2008( 35 per cent), while the BJP looses its vote share by 11 percentage point at 23%. Yedurappa factor hitting BJP the most.

Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) is projected to get 20 per cent of vote share (1% up from 2008) and 34-44 seats.

Karnataka Janata Party (KJP) and Independents together are projected to get with 14-22 seats with a combined vote share of 13%.

The survey also reported that JD-S leader and former chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy as the most preferred chief minister with 18 percent and Yeddyurappa came second with 10 percent. Congress leader Siddaramaiah came third with 9 percent respondents prefered him as the next chief minister.


Headlines Today and C-Voter pre-poll survey: Karnataka Assmbely Election 2013

3rd April 2013,In a pre- poll survey performed by Headlines Today and C-Voter, the projections are that the the BJP is facing a crushing defeat in the assembly elections. It may perfrom better if Narendra Modi enters the campaign as he is growing in polularity.

The Headlines Today-C Voter pre-poll survey was conducted among 15,000 respondents across all the 224 assembly segments of Karnataka. The data is weighted to the known demographic profile of the state as per 2001 census.

The BJP's vote share is seeing a steep decline of 6 per cent.

The projections are : Congress- between 114-122 seats, BJP -48-56 seats, JDS 32-38 seats, and KJP 10-14 seats and others to get 5-9 seats.

There have been mixed reactions to the prediction of the above survey.


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